Books have always been such an important part of the bedtime routine in our home. Our top 10 picks, ok, ok, it’s top 12 because we couldn’t agree. What are your top picks?

We received this title before it went viral as a gift from friends overseas. The words will be burnt in my memory forever.
Red really is best.
Anything Robert Munch. It was a toss up but Smelly Socks is the current winner. Any of his books could be on this list.
A book we were recently introduced to after I started writing. Top notch.
Not a box. Simple and perfect.
A lifelong favourite.
Kids will be begging for just one more chapter, before lights out. Pleeeeeaaaasssseee.
You can sing this story. Pacing is amazing. Fun. Fun. Fun.
Illustrations are epic! Story is great too.
A popular request, another book that reads like a song.
An Australian twist on the gingerbread man. So good.
Classic. Great for beginner readers.

What are your top picks?