Fully booked until 2019.

The studio is busy and cozy getting ready for Christmas. If you are awaiting Christmas orders I appreciate your patience. Please call (519)935-3725 for updates.

Visit the the Bayshore in Owen Sound November 23rd, 24th, 25th to say hello, buy books or cards  more info here:

Fine Christmas Craft Show.

Thank you everyone for keeping me busy and happy!

1 thought on “Fully booked until 2019.”

  1. Jenny Lee,

    Guess what? We used to ride the bus together to Hepworth a million years ago. I’m Jodi Webber. I was in the lighthouse gallery in South and loved your art work. My sister Mindi and I loved the mixed media pieces. We’re looking for a large scale work. Do you have another place we could see your work? Do you do large pieces?
    647 284 1830

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