Jenny Lee Learn knows first hand the fears of having a child who is struggling to learn to read. The journey of parenting is a tough one. Especially if you feel like you are failing tasks that should come simply such as reading with your child.

‘There are benefits of reading everyday with your child’ say the experts. What if reading aloud is the source of tears, anxiety, frustration and suspicion of a dyslexia?

Reading came easily for Jenny Lee Learn as a child but the truth is for her daughters it did not. In the beginning Jenny Lee wrote children’s books specifically for her daughter who was struggling to learn to read. Unable to find reading resources, which her daughter would enjoy, at her high intellect low reading level stage Jenny Lee put her mom duties ahead of her business and became a creative story teller with a fresh concept. The alternating pages of simple and complex text to alternate the task of reading a story took some pressure off her daughter. Word clues on the complex pages followed by repetitive simple text and her daughter she began connecting the dots.

She was reading!

At request Jenny Lee lent some of her then photocopied unpublished stories to a kindergarten teacher for the
class to read with their reading buddies. The books were perfect for this situation and were repeatedly copied
and used by educational professionals. She quickly realized she had an idea that was helping build confidence in more children that just her daughter. In 2014 Jenny Lee’s first published book ‘Truck Got Stuck’ was born.

With praise from Canadian educational professionals Amabel Books is now working to make Jenny Lee Learns shared reading concept books available globally to help children who are learning to read worldwide. The book list now consists of more titles ‘My Mommy Likes’ illustrated by Becky Comber, ‘Just a Smile‘ and ‘Geese Are Not Pets’. Always working on more stories and illustrations Jenny Lee is excited to announce 2020 will bring more titles.

Jenny Lee loves to hear reading success stories and is thrilled her books will help children build confidence and spark a joy of reading in children around the world. She believes a strong foundation in reading leading to life long learning makes anything possible.

After growing up on a family farm in Canada; Jenny Lee traveled the world, worked in parks & recreation, renovated an old farmhouse, became a mother and eventually started her own business. Her stories while not true are sparked from the truth of her own childhood and current life. Her stories are humorous and told from the eyes of a child, the whole family will enjoy them together.

If your child is a beginner, reluctant or struggling reader Jenny Lee’s ‘Learn With Learn’ books will ease the concerns you feel giving you a moment relax and enjoy reading with your child.

Your child will have so much fun they won’t even realize they are learning to read.